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Projects completed

Public institutions

At Avento we have accumulated important experience as a sports consultancy for public institutions with competence at all levels of sport. We have worked for local bodies, regional governments, the Higher Council of Sport and the Council of Europe.

At Avento we have wide experience in working for public organisations with competence in the field of sports at local, territorial, regional, national and international level. The actions in greatest demand are: sector-specific strategic plans, viability plans for sports facilities, studies for the remodelling of sports facilities, economic analyses of municipal sports offers (cost and price of sports services), and specific advice on the design of public policies.

We also create Equality plans for different bodies and give advice on incorporation of the gender perspective to sport. Working on different Council of Europe projects focussed on gender mainstreaming in sport enables us to keep up to date with the most innovative public policies in the field.

Consult the list of projects produced by Avento for the public institutions in the field of sport.

At Avento we have been working and fighting to achieve equality in sport for more than 15 years.