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Ainhoa Azurmendi receives the Women and Sport Award
On October 25 of last year, the Aspasia Association presented Ainhoa Azurmendi with the Women and Sport Award in the individual person category for her constant commitment to promoting equality between men and women in the field of sports. In the first edition of the award, the jury, made up of athletes, representatives of Emakunde/the Basque Institute for Women, and other people involved in achieving the equality of men and women in sport, decided to give the award to the consultant from Avento.

Inher acknowledgement speech, Ainhoa Azurmendi voiced her gratitude for the recognition and expressed her commitment to continue working to achieve a more egalitarian and just sportsenvironment. The Super Amara Bera Bera handball team and the BAT Basque Team Foundation received the award in the club and organisation categories, respectively.