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Avento has designed a Guide to incorporate gender perspective in grassroots sports for The Provincial Council of Álava. This work aims to promote that all grassroots sports development programmes incorporate the principle of equality from the designing process to their implementation.

Avento, in collaboration with Gloria Viseras, has updated the protocol of action against sexual harassment and abuse in placeat the Higher Council of Sports (CSD). The project was developed with the participation of an interdepartmental committee from the CSD, and the collaboration of Spanish Sports Federations. The result of the work is two versions of the protocol, one for sports federations and clubs; and another for Training Centres and High-Performance Centres.
On October 25 of last year, the Aspasia Association presented Ainhoa Azurmendi with the Women and Sport Award in the individual person category for her constant commitment to promoting equality between men and women in the field of sports. In the first edition of the award, the jury, made up of athletes, representatives of Emakunde/the Basque Institute for Women, and other people involved in achieving the equality of men and women in sport, decided to give the award to the consultant from Avento.
The Basque Government’s Ministry of Culture and Language Policy and the Nouvelle Aquitaine-Basque Country-Navarre Euroregion officially presented the Euro Basque Rugby Challenge (ERBC)-Euskal Errugbi Liga, a cross border sports competition project to unite teams from both sides of the border. The initiative benefited from technical assistance by Avento from moment of its design until its production.
Avento advises the EPE Emakume Pilotarien Elkartea on its creation and development. With approximately 80 members, EPE Emakume Pilotarien Elkartea, the Association of Women Pelota Players, has the purpose of promoting and structuring pelota played by women while making this a more dignified and just environment. The pelota players themselves consider it necessary to lead a project whose raison d’être revolves around the need to improve the situation of the different categories of women’s pelota playing, as well as the conditions in which the activity develops. The idea is to lend greater visibility to women’s pelota playing, and to create references for young girls.

Avento, through Ainhoa Azurmendi, has participated in the Ibero-American Seminar on Women and Sport in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

The Higher Council of Sports, the body promoting the network, invited us to share our knowledge on the participation of women in sports leadership, and on the prevention of sexual violence in sport.